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SCROGGS BLOG // 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

If you’re a homeowner, you’re most likely familiar with winterizing your home, a process that includes scheduling a furnace check and sealing your windows against drafts. But did you know there are also things you should do in advance for warmer weather? When you prepare your home for the summer, you will reduce summertime dust and allergies and ensure your house cools more efficiently. 

Since your home will most likely need additional maintenance in the summer, starting on these tasks now can reduce energy bills, improve your home’s efficiency and life, and increase your property’s safety. Here are 10 ways to prepare your home for summer.

 Energy Savings Trust says you can look forward to significant annual energy savings by having quality insulation set up by a professional. 

prepare your home for summer Scroggs Construction Asheville NC

How to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

The recommendations below for prepping your home for summertime are manageable and helpful. Once you get the hang of these tasks, make them a part of your yearly summer maintenance routine.

  • Clean gutters and drains. Debris, such as leaves and mud, can clog your home’s gutters and drains. If debris piles up, it can also lead to leaks into your home’s walls and roof. Clearing buildup from your gutters can help reduce these risks of water damage. 
  • Do your spring cleaning. Dust accumulates in the winter when homes are typically closed off from outside air. Your spring cleaning checklist may vary, but these maintenance tasks can help freshen up your space. Incorporate these suggestions as part of a routine spring cleaning checklist: 
    • Vacuuming curtains and blinds
    • Washing windows inside and out 
    • Dusting indoor and outdoor light fixtures and bulbs
    • Cleaning your dryer vent 
    • Disinfecting all surfaces  
  • Check your thermostat. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning thermostat when warmer weather strikes. Pro-tip: Put your thermostat on AC mode and turn it up five degrees cooler than normal. If the airflow is restricted, that’s a sure sign it’s not working properly. 
  • Install insulation. Energy Savings Trust says you can look forward to significant annual energy savings by having quality insulation set up by a professional. Did you know a quarter of the heat in your home escapes through the roof? That’s why it pays to have the proper insulation in your loft or attic to avoid high utility costs. 
  • Replace your air filter. Your HVAC system’s air filter gets more use during the summer. Pro-tip: check it every 30 days and replace it as needed
  • Practice smart landscaping. Spring is one of the best times to utilize your green thumb. Strategically planting shrubs and leafy trees near your home’s windows is a smart way to prevent those areas from transferring excess heat into your home. 
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Even if you’re not hearing that pesky chirping noise, it’s still a good idea to test out your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as you prepare for the summer. In addition to low batteries, accumulated dust could also inhibit these crucial detectors from working correctly. It’s always better to address this sooner than later. 
  • Check out the deck and patio. Driveways, pavement, and decks all need upkeep from time to time. Be sure to fix or seal any broken joints or crevices in the stonework to prevent a much larger problem from arising. Pro-tip: Have your decks and wooden handrails stained and sealed to protect them from insect damage, decay, or splintering. 
  • Let there be air. With warmer weather, open your windows whenever you can to let in a fresh breeze. This will help remove winter’s stuffy air from your space. Keep the AC off while you do it, though, to avoid overtaxing your system. 
  • Keep your pipes protected. Because winter weather can damage pipes, you’ll need a foam layer (known as lagging) applied on their surface. This layer will keep pipes from bursting. 

Check your thermostat. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning thermostat when warmer weather strikes.

prepare your home for summer Scroggs Construction Asheville NC

Is Your Home Summer Ready? 

Set aside a weekend to tackle these critical tasks, especially if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet. Taking care of these projects now is easier and gives you more time to enjoy the sunny weather outside fully. Many of the above-mentioned tasks on how to prepare your home for summer will positively affect your home’s curb appeal, increasing its overall value. 

If you’re considering remodeling or renovating your home this summer, Scroggs Construction believes every home project should be stress-free. With our expert team and thoughtful designs, we can build your vision. Contact us today to learn more!