Early 1900's Farmhouse Refurbished


Lead Designer: Ileya Bowery, Scroggs Construction Services

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Contracted Work: Kitchen/living room full gut renovation, foundation stabilization, addition rebuild, raise ceilings

Unique Features: Custom cabinets, custom barn doors, farmhouse sink, weaved in color matched hardwood floors, refurbished original tongue and groove wall coverings

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, by the time we got our hands on it, this Leicester Farmhouse was more addition than original structure. Obviously a product of a growing family, the “enhancements” made to this home were done by the owners without the help of a licensed professional. Our job was to create a new space that broke down walls between several of those additions and opened an area with an existing 7ft. nothing headspace and rollercoaster ceilings/floors to create an open concept kitchen/dining area that kept the farmhouse feel with none of the farmhouse quirks. Needless to say, there were some difficulties in both design and implementation right from the start. After discovering a thrown together dry-stacked rock foundation, we had to re-support the entire foundation system and rebuild one of the additions entirely. We then were tasked with changing the load points to support our new open concept without lowering the desired head height. We tied in new floors to the existing hardwoods to cover the areas where we removed walls and sanded/finished all of the downstairs to match. Finally, we reused all of the existing tongue and groove wall coverings to complete the farmhouse feel and built custom barn doors to match the customer's design aesthetic.

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