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SCROGGS BLOG // Why You Need Banjo Bathroom Countertops

Did you know that over the course of your life, you’ll spend more than two years in the bathroom? The bathroom is a workhorse, helping you shower, brush your teeth, put on your makeup and shave every single day. The best bathroom designs not only make the space work for you but help you perform these tasks in comfort.

But what if you have a small bathroom? That’s where banjo bathroom countertops come in. Small bathrooms love this space-saving, innovative design that suits all bathroom styles.

So what are banjo countertops, and why do you need one in your home? Keep reading to find out.

The Lowdown on Banjo Countertops

Banjo countertops are named for their unique, banjo-like shape (yes, the musical instrument). They consist of a sink surround with an arm that extends along the wall. Depending on the material you choose, they can be cost-effective, giving you a more practical space on a budget.

It’s most common to see the countertop arm extending over a toilet. But banjo countertops are also perfect above partially recessed cabinetry, giving you more storage in a small space.

The Benefits of Banjo Countertops

So, you’re planning your bathroom remodel, but what kind of countertop will you choose? If you want great storage while keeping it stylish, then a banjo countertop is the way to go.

Provide More Counter Storage

If you’ve ever done a small bathroom remodel before, think about the wasted space around the toilet. Sure, you could put up some pictures to add a bit of interest, but some much-needed storage would be nice.

The banjo countertop will give you the extra storage that’ll make your bathroom a more practical and versatile space.

Make Small Bathrooms Feel Light and Airy

Banjo countertops come in a variety of colors and materials. One great way to make any room look bigger is to use neutral colors in your decor.

When considering banjo countertop ideas, why not opt for a white finish? White marble will give your bathroom a luxurious, elegant feel. A white resin finish will allow light to bounce off its surface, making your small bathroom feel airy and spacious.

Install a Feature Above

Another way to make a small space feel bigger is with a statement mirror. One option is to install a large mirror that spans the width of your sink and toilet. This will open up the room, giving you an illusion of space.

On a practical note, a large mirror means that more than one person can use it at the same time. No more fighting over who’s going to use the mirror first – that’s a win in our book.

Another option to make room in a small bathroom is to install cabinetry above the countertop arm. This will provide much-needed storage that small bathrooms lack, while still giving you the practical use of a countertop.

Install Recessed Cabinetry Below

If you have the space for it, adding cabinetry below a banjo countertop is another storage-boosting design feature. Bathroom cabinets don’t need the same depth as cabinetry you’d find in your kitchen (think pots, pans, and your beloved KitchenAid mixer).

Shallow cabinetry will free up precious floor space while giving you plenty of room for your toothbrushes and Q-tips.

Less Hazardous Than Freestanding Storage

Another great safety feature of banjo countertop storage solutions is that they are fixed to the wall, either above or below your counter. This eliminates trip hazards, so moving around your bathroom will be safer and easier.

Freestanding storage can also gather condensation, leaving them damp, and even damaged. Fixed storage is far more durable as it’s made for the purpose, and you can match it to the rest of your bathroom furniture to boot.

Easy Toilet Access

One misconception about banjo countertops is that it’s hard to access the toilet when they’re in place. Thankfully, this isn’t true. The void between the cistern and the counter is usually large enough to slide off the cistern cover and access the toilet directly.

Alternatively, you can add a hinge to the arm of banjo countertops. This gives you the option of lifting it out of the way if your toilet is giving you trouble.

Ties Your Bathroom Decor Together

Even if your toilet and sink match, if they’re both standing alone, it can be difficult to see how they work together. Add a banjo countertop that extends from one to the other, and voila! Your bathroom suddenly feels like a balanced, unified space.

Banjo countertops also tie together eclectic bathrooms with mismatched cabinetry or bold tiles. Adding the banjo arm helps to give your bathroom a running theme, and anchors even the most individual bathroom scheme.

Makes for a More Relaxing Space

Plants, candles, and spa features are all bathroom trends you won’t want to miss. But for small bathrooms, space is at a premium and you need to make room for the essentials, right?

Think again!

Banjo countertops are a great way to inject some rest and relaxation props into your bathroom. Scented candles make for a calming and peaceful soak in the tub. And air-purifying plants on your countertop will bring the outside in – a must for nature-lovers. 

Banjo Bathroom Countertops Are Essential for Your Home

Are you looking for a space-saving way to add more storage to your bathroom without compromising on style? Then banjo bathroom countertops are the perfect choice for you. With their varied color options and versatility, there’s a banjo countertop to suit every space.

They’ll help a small bathroom feel light and airy while complimenting your decor and giving you the practicality you need. And if you want to turn your bathroom into a spa room, the banjo arm is a great place to make that dream a reality.

Are you ready to include a banjo countertop in your bathroom remodel? Then schedule your free estimate today.