Bungalow Bathroom Addition

Bungalow Bathroom

Designer: Shawn Merkel, Align Design, LLC

Location: West Asheville

Contracted Work: Additions, Bathroom

Unique Features: Custom tile shower, wall tile, custom 3 piece trim, custom cabinetry, creative design

The West Asheville 3 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow. Tight property lines and limited floorspace. This project was no exception with its creative use of existing space, preservation of the historic architecture of the home and use of custom products to meet a very specific need for the clients. Notable design choices: Removal of the windows in one bedroom and re-centering within the bedroom space. Sourcing faux asbestos siding to match the existing exterior of the home. Installing a beautiful custom shower, custom built shelving, timeless penny tile floors mirrored in the ceiling trim detail and installed custom milled interior trim work to match the existing ascetic.

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