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Quick Definition of Design Build

A Design-Build firm specializes in delivering a type of project delivery system that builders, contractors, and many other industries use to provide faster results and a better experience to clients.

This has some significant differences from what a standard contractor and building firm uses.

Essentially, design-build firms offer a packaged solution of services from one entity instead of two separate firms. This usually results in better communication and efficiency from the start to end of your home remodel or new home construction.

At Scroggs, we pride ourselves in maintaining that level of communication with our clients and it shows from our local awards and reputation at the local home building association.

As shown to the right, Design-Build firm requires a lot less communication between separate entities. This usually results in positive things for consumer’s like

  • Lower Unit Costs (Price Per Sq Foot)

  • Faster Construction (Faster Project Time)

  • Less Cost Growth (Final Estimated Cost is More Accurate to Final Costs)

  • Less Schedule Growth (Quicker and Efficient Process)

Listed above are the reasons we believe in this system and how it works. It not only benefits our company in efficiency and communication, but it benefits YOU.

If you have any other questions regarding the DBIA (Design-Build Institute of America) is a great resource.

Design Build

Our 7 Step Design Build

As a design-build firm, our main focus is to provide you with the most natural and effortless process while still providing excellent customer service and a personal touch that allows us to lock in on the small details and ideas you want done in your project. The steps below are how we adhere to these beliefs. Feel free to contact us about any questions regarding our process. 

This step is all about preparing for your project. The internet has a multitude of resources that can be used for finding out your preferences and dislikes in a remodel or build. Using this, find out what your must-haves are in the project.

Use the list of must haves to understand what a realistic budget would be. Some remodeling cost calculators can be inaccurate, so we would recommend using this Cost vs Value report.

Finding a reliable contractor is the most important factor in having quality work done well and on time. Using multiple sources is the best bet for discovering someone reliable. Sites like Better Business Bureau,, and Yelp can help with discovering your future company.

Lastly, plan to have some questions for us before calling and be prepared to answer some basic questions for us.

The first step in starting the journey to building your dream is reaching out about your project. You can do this through a form submission online here. Or give us a call at 828-552-3222. From here, we will have a conversation informing you about the type of contractors we are and ask you some questions regarding your project.

These questions are varied per client depending on the initial scope and work. After these initial questions are answered, we determine if the scope of work you are looking for is aligned with the type of work that we as a company deliver. If this is the case, we will set up an estimating appointment to meet you in person and take a look at the project scope and area.

The next step starts with the initial estimating meeting. This meeting involves us visiting the house, this is to allow you to ask any questions you have regarding the house and how the project will come to life. We will discuss and recommend the best possible way to bring your project to life along with taking some pictures and sketches of the area so that we have an accurate representation to base our initial estimate off of.

Once this meeting has concluded, a general time frame will be given to complete our initial estimate. The scope of the project does play into the factor of time that this will take to complete. Using this information gathered from the meeting, we can accurately determine a price range for your project.

After we put this information together, you will be notified and invited into the office to discuss the estimated budget range. There are two outcomes for this meeting:

  1. We agree on a partnership fee that allows us to begin the Design phase of the project. This fee is typically a small portion of the preliminary estimate. Another meeting is set up with the designer so that more accurate measurements and designs can be constructed.

  2. We agree that we are not the right fit for your project.

Once the design agreement is signed, our designers will begin their work on creating a 3D view of your house and project space. They will be working with you on this step by step, editing and tweaking the designs through a few drafts to make sure both sides hone in on a final vision.

Once you approve of the big picture design of your house, your finishes are next on the list to decide on. This includes things like fixtures, countertops, flooring, cabinets, etc. This part of the process is extremely personal and we are here to educate and help you accurately reach the personal design you want.

Once all of these decisions are made, a final proposal will be offered that includes building plans along with a schedule and scope of work for your project that includes everything we have selected in the process from flooring to finishes. At this point you will sign a Letter of Intent which allows us to start pre-construction activities like final pricing, scheduling, and other project planning measures.

One of the services we provide in our work is project management. A project manager will be assigned to your project from this point forward. This person will be the master of the project and has expertise in all the fields to be able to understand and interpret the initial vision you have made and turn it into a tangible product. This includes permits and inspections, which are taken care of by the project manager.

BuilderTrend is a software we use for project management. As a client, you will have access to this that will allow you to keep track of the scheduling, upload photos, and other information.

Sit back and relax! Your project manager will be in touch frequently to update you on timing, products, or answer questions that you have. The software can also be used as a means of communication if needed. We are here to serve you and make this experience as enjoyable as possible, so feel free to reach out during this process or ask any questions. Transparency is the reason we have such a close-knit bond with our clients.

Giving back to our clients and community is one of our main goals in business. Enjoy your final product and cherish it! We will stay in touch over time and frequently enjoy clients stopping by the office. You are the reason we exist and we can't thank you enough!

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