Modern Kitchen Makeover

Modern Kitchen Makeover

Designer: Dylan Eide, Scroggs Construction / Shawn Merkel, Align Design, LLC

Location: Fletcher

Contracted Work: Kitchen Remodel, Flooring Refinish

Unique Features: Modern Design, Quartz Counter tops, Chevron Backsplash, Cabinet Style Appliance Doors, Induction Top, Make Up Air

This kitchen is unique because although the footprint didn't change drastically, the ascetic and functionality of the space has. Functionally, we moved the sink out of the island to expand staging space, removed and upgraded the dated electric range to an induction range w/ direct vent hood and make up air, rearranged the fridge and dishwasher to create a more functional work triangle and added undercabinet lighting. Ascetically, we upgraded the dated cabinets, sanded all of the pre-finished hardwoods, added chevron style tile backsplash, and added modern lighting and countertops.

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