Black Mountain Artist Studio

Black Mountain Artist Studio

Designer: Dylan Eides, Scroggs Construction

Location: Black Mountain

Contracted Work: Additions, Kitchen, Bathroom

Unique Features: Outside and Interior Cabin wood was aged with multiple and custom to match the existing house.

The Black Mountain Artist Studio project required detail from every aspect of the build and the complexity of the project was beyond most normal additions. This project was particularly challenging because we had to deal with several difficult conditions. 

1. Where to/how to attach an addition to an aging (and settling) log home.

2. How to tackle an adventurous existing landscape in a high slope area on the side of a mountain.

3. How to create an interior and exterior look that matched up with an older log home to make it look intentional.

To tackle these challenges, we took a holistic approach to our design.  First, we created a contour survey to identify our best opportunity for the addition and new driveway.  We used that design to create a step foundation to match the grade to create a seamless entry from addition to existing log home.  Then we created a design that would match the façade and added craftsman details to tie everything in. On the exterior we chose a siding that had a particular “log” form so that we could match the chinking details on the existing log home. We stained the siding and then added a “popcorn” like texture in between laps and painted it to match the chinking color. We rebuilt the aging handrails on the home to have the same look but more structurally sound and then re-created that same look on the new entry way porch for the addition. On the inside, we chose knotty details for all of the interior finishes including the doors, floors, trim, and windows.  To complete the inside, we added faux beams and rough finished them with a grinding tool to achieve the look of rough sawn timbers to match the log beams. We also added custom details like a locally made vessel sink built into a barrel that we modified to be a vanity. Finally, we aged roofing metal with acid to add as a detail to the studios sink/bar area and created a custom mirror for the bathroom. Since the project was for an artist, it gave us the unique opportunity to think “outside of the box” and design elements that would highlight the artists interests while creating a space where they could share their creativity with their clients/peers. Also included in the build was a custom-built wood storage shed which was designed with the same craftsman details as the addition and house and a re-roofing of all structures so that they would match perfectly.

Before Addition After Addition

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