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SCROGGS BLOG // 7 Timeless Kitchen Trends That Will Last

7 Timeless Kitchen Trends that will Last

Ready to ramp up your kitchen? If a kitchen remodel is in your future, these are the latest kitchen trends designed to withstand the test of time. From matte black to high-tech, these kitchen additions are intended for form and function. Check out these seven timeless kitchen trends that will last for the long haul.

1.     Add Color – Carefully

There is nothing more pristine than a white kitchen, but this trend may be on the way out – at least for now. Today, white kitchens are giving way to color, but the key is to use it carefully and wisely.  Warm up the room with some neutral tones on the walls, but add an unexpected splash of color to your cabinets.

Consider bright blue cabinets, a farmhouse red sink or brilliant yellow vent fan to incorporate interest into your design. Use the color discerningly to give your kitchen a pop without overwhelming the space.

2.  Shake it Up

Kitchen designs that will last encompass shaker cabinets that never seem to go out of style. Shaker style is equally comfortable in the farmhouse kitchen as they are embracing the modern trend. Dress them up with color or add heavy metal hardware to give them additional personality. These cabinets are versatile and classic, giving your kitchen the perfect backdrop for any style you might choose.

Shaker cabinets feature a five-piece door with a recessed center. Some offer a sleek, simple design while others sport decorative edging. Cabinets might come in natural wood tones or painted hues ranging from farmhouse grey to warm hunter green. Hardware is a must to coordinate with the design and color of the cabinet.

3. Organize in Secret  

Organization is a must for today’s kitchen as clutter has gone out of style in light of the many organizational systems that are available to keep all your kitchen supplies tidy and within reach. Even appliances are going under wraps with cabinets designed just for them. Smart storage solutions challenge savvy designers who are called upon to find a place for everything without any telltale signs that an organization has taken place.

Part of the charm of organizing today’s kitchen is the many options available to home cooks that like to keep things in order. Some organizers are attractive enough to put on display, while others nestle deep within drawers, cabinets, and pantries to keep supplies easy to see and reach. Deep drawers, built-ins and custom cabinet accessories are now kitchen features coveted by today’s homeowner.

4. Let Your Counters Surprise and Delight

Say goodbye to traditional granite and hello to sleek marble, warm butcher-block and industrial concrete look-alikes. Today’s counter is durable and unexpected while keeping to the stylish integrity of the kitchen interior. Choose dark counters to blend into dark cabinets or contrast with white or light-hued cabinets for a style pop. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a mixture of textures that offer a cacophony of sensory stimulation.

When shopping for countertops, the key is to combine style with easy maintenance for a kitchen that keeps its fashionable look over time. Marble has shown itself to be as durable as it is elegant and butcher-block is a hard-working material that holds its own in the busiest kitchen. Traditional concrete countertops are carefully sealed to allow for easy clean-up and long-lasting beauty.

5. Go Au Naturale

Natural materials have been featured in kitchens in a big way, from eye-catching stone backsplashes to rustic leather drawer pulls. These options add a warm, earthy feel to the family gathering space and coordinate beautifully with the green hues seen in many kitchens today. Opt for a small accent that adds a slice of natural style like a wood top to your kitchen island. If you prefer, go bold with a statement piece like a stone fireplace to serve as a focal point for the room.

Today’s natural materials are stylish, durable and practical, producing a comfortable look and feel without disrupting the flow of the room. Whether combined with sleek metal accents or warm wood floors, stone, wood, jute, and other natural products, it can add the warm touch you want in this central location of your home. With the ease of changing the surroundings, you will be able to love your natural accents for many years.

6. The Matte Black Edge

Stainless steel has finally run its course and some homeowners are replacing the sleek look with matte black appliances that fade into the décor rather than standing out as a room accent. Matte black has also made its way into cabinets, countertops and decorative accents like counter edging and cabinet hardware. The classic look of black with the distinctly modern matte finish can look quite at home in the modern kitchen or farmhouse gathering spot, to handsomely offset with shiny steel or statement signs.

What was once a striking accent in the all-white kitchen now finds its place among traditional shaker cabinets and warmer kitchen tones. Sultry black cabinets offer an elegant, modern style, while black hardware on shaker cabinets warms up space and adds a rustic touch. Keep your matte touches subtle, and they will last throughout the changing trends ahead.

7. Mix Up Your Metals

Believe it or not, one of the biggest no-no’s in decorating has now become a kitchen design trend. Mixing metals is now a way to add drama and contrast to your kitchen by pairing unlikely hardware and accents to create a distinctly individualized look.

To make the mixed metal trend work in your kitchen, there are three basic rules to keep in mind. First, choose one dominant metal and sprinkle in other metals as an accent. Incorporate them in smaller, less conspicuous ways to add a touch of drama without jumbling your style too much. Second keep all the metals you choose in the same finish family, whether it is brushed, polished or oiled. Finally, place coordinating pieces into the room to bring the different metal shades together.

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. Give that heart an updated beat and a place where your family will love to gather. Choose kitchen trends that will last as the style you choose today will be the one you love well into the future.  

Let Scroggs Construction help you create the kitchen remodel you and your family are sure to love for many years. Our team of professionals will ensure your project is done correctly, on time and within your budget. With an easy, seven-step process, you will be enjoying your new kitchen faster than you might think. Contact Scroggs Construction Services today for more information.