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SCROGGS BLOG // Tips for Selecting the Best General Contractor for Your New Home Build

Choosing the best general contractor for your new Asheville, North Carolina, home build can feel overwhelming. Building a new home is a monumental decision, and there is much to consider before selecting your perfect general contractor.

Fortunately, Scroggs Construction has tips for finding your perfect general contractor.

Before You Meet With a General Contractor:

  • Gather ideas and inspiration.

The fun part of a new home build is customizing it to meet your expectations and needs. Scrolling through social media, creating a Pinterest board, and looking at homes online can help you brainstorm ideas for your ideal home. When you’ve got a solid idea of what you are looking for, take notes and bring them to your initial meeting with your general contractor.

  • Determine a realistic budget.

Determining a maximum budget for your build is a significant factor in who you select as a general contractor. Assess your current and future needs, including the desired space, necessary amenities, access to schools, distance to work, and the amount of upkeep you’re willing to perform. 

  • Ask for recommendations.

Reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and neighborhood chat boards like NextDoor to see which general contractors others suggest. Compile a list of builders with impressive portfolios that align with your design and style preferences. 

  • Create a list of specific questions.

Make a list of thorough questions that address different aspects of a new home build to present to your general contractor. Include questions about timelines, workflow, handling problems that may arise, and who your primary contact will be. The more questions, the better! Any reputable builder will be transparent about their experience, processes, certifications, licensure, and permitting requirements.

Dismiss the lowest bid right away. Unfortunately, low bids can mean different things, and none are good.

During Your Meeting With a General Contractor:

  • Pay attention to how the contractor is treating you. 

If they aren’t fully answering questions, taking notes, seeming rushed or irritated with your questions, arriving late without informing you, or not listening attentively to your vision and goals, or asking you questions, you may want to search for a different general contractor. 

  • Bring your list of questions and idea boards.

This allows your general contractor to get a feel for your vision and allows you to determine their compatibility with your ideas. Be open to listening to them and their suggestions as well. The purpose of finding a new home builder is to have open lines of communication where both parties respect each other.

  • Discuss timelines, workflow, insurance, and bonding status, and ask about their process.

Before hiring a general contractor for your new home build, these things are critical to know. You should leave feeling confident that the builder has listened to you, is organized and prepared, and has a team you think has your best interests in mind.

Work together on building a payment schedule ahead of time. Payment schedules speak volumes about a contractor’s financial standing and work ethic. 

Once You’ve Chosen a General Contractor:

Once you’ve chosen a general contractor that aligns with your needs and ideas, it’s a good idea to keep some of the following items in mind:

  • A reputable general contractor will want a complete set of blueprints and a good sense of what the soon-to-be homeowner is looking for in a new home build. 
  • Work together on building a payment schedule ahead of time. Payment schedules speak volumes about a contractor’s financial standing and work ethic. 
  • Dismiss the lowest bid right away. Unfortunately, low bids can mean different things, and none are good. A lowball bid might mean cutting corners, someone desperate for work, or an incompetent team. Lower upfront costs could mean expensive repairs or redos later down the road, and no one wants that.
  • Get a contract in writing, read it carefully to get a feel for the scope of the project, and sign away. Once everything else checks out, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your new home with a qualified general contractor who is trustworthy, communicates well, and provides high-quality work.

Choose Scroggs Construction for Your New Home Construction and General Contracting Needs.

Building your next home doesn’t have to be stressful. Scroggs Construction is one of Western North Carolina’s premier Design-Build construction firms. 

Already have a design team in place? At Scroggs, we value your unique vision and preferences. While we specialize in Design-Build construction, we are more than happy to collaborate with clients who already have their own architect or designer. Our goal is to bring your dreams to life, and we are flexible in accommodating your specific requirements and preferences.

Whether you choose to integrate our Design-Build services or have an existing design team in place, our commitment to delivering high-quality construction and exceptional customer service remains unwavering. We look forward to working together to make your project a success. Whether you need a house remodeled, an addition, or a home redesigned, contact us. We’d love to discuss your project and see if we’re a good fit for your needs.